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Senior Officer For Warehouse Operations

Senior Officer For Warehouse Operations

Muenzer Bangla Private Limited, as part of Muenzer Bioindustrie GmbH, is an owner-managed family company that has set itself the goal of generating energy from waste and residual materials.

We focus on preventing damages to the environment and the health of citizens. Our main goal is to preserve our resources and to gain new energy sources which is long term and sustainable across generations.

The bad quality of cooking oil is one main cause for cardiac infarction which is one of Bangladesh’s most frequent cause of death. We will stop Used Cooking Oil (UCO) to be sold back into the food chain or being disposed of in Bangladesh’s rivers or the drainage systems by building up a nationwide collection system. We will cover the whole supply chain and guarantee that the collected Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is only used for biodiesel production. This will result in a significant positive impact on national health and improve environmental conditions.

Title: Senior Officer Warehouse Operations and Logistics Support

Core Tasks

Ensure efficient operation of warehouse

Ensure that the equipment’s in the warehouse are in good working condition. Report any need of maintenance.

Record keeping of incoming Used Cooking Oil (UCO), current stock level. Maintaining documentation and calculation of collection drums on hand, deployed at vendor sites, and brought back to warehouse

Ensure smooth running of all logistic operations, maintain contact with vendors to work out a route plan for the collection vehicles.

Provide a route plan to drivers to pick up UCO

Line Manager
Business Manager

Employee also gets functional directives from
Chief Operating Officer

Employee also gives functional directives to
Outsourced staff at the warehouse, which includes maintenance personnel, pick up van driver, loader, cleaner, security guards.

Duties of employee & responsibilities

Ensure that the warehouse and its equipment are kept functional and  preventive and breakdown maintenance is carried out.

Entering of the data on daily basis with respect to the oil collection received from the Food Business Operator initially in excel/manual format and later in ERP system.

Follow up with the vendors about pick up schedules.

Plan a route map of the various collection points for the day.

Maintain the inventory of equipment’s at warehouse, specially drums deployed at vendor location, drums returning to warehouse, drums on hand.

Ensure Preparation and checking of Pickup notes & relevant documents

Respond to Calls from Customers and Plan the Pick-up and delivery of drums of current / new customers

Manage with logistics support the collection of UCO and other vendor related tasks

Ensure proper accounting of all stocks – as per Standard Warehouse SOPs

Maintaining and updating the records/ data on day to day basis

All outsourced resources are performing their duty as per requirement of the company.

During export coordinate with logistics provider for transfer of oil from our storage tanks to bowsers/tankers.

Ensure all activities are done ensuring health and safety standards.

Educational Qualification:

Bachelors/ Diploma in Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering.


Three to five years of hands on experience of working in a facility where electro-mechanical devises are used. Managing logistics for supporting business operations.  Experience of bottling plants would be suitable. Working with an ERP system would also be an added qualification.

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Application Deadline: November 25, 2020

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