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HR Executive At Folia Water

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HR Executive At Folia Water

Folia Water

About US:

Folia Water Filters: the world’s first water filter for pennies, not dollars, a new mass market grocery staple for South Asia 

Folia is a global enterprise that intends to solve the issue of lack of safe drinking water for the working poor. We are a technology innovation company and through our patented paper coating innovation, we have developed a super-efficient drinking water filter for our low-income consumers which fit right into their willingness to pay. These filters are silver nanoparticle infused papers that can remove 99.9999% bacteria, 99.99% protozoa, 99.8% virus, 99.8% iron, etc. from water and make water clean and drinkable. One single filter paper can filter 20 liters of water
The Folia Water Filter is the first water purifier with grocery pricing: 20 liters for 20 Taka, the same pricing as other FMCG products like soap, snacks, and SIM cards. Folia’s vision is to create a low-price FMCG water filter category by leveraging Folia’s patented low-cost manufacturing method. By reaching the last mile with a product adapted to our target consumer kitchen journey, Folia can tackle the health, social, and productivity issues around consumption of contaminated drinking water.

In 2019, Folia Water entered the Bangladeshi market and optimized our strategy for low-income consumers to benefit from our unique low-price water filtration solution. Our market studies and rural sales pilot showed the necessity and relevance of our proposition. We are now in 2 districts to date and are ready to scale and ensure nationwide availability of the product through retail stores using a standard FMCG GTM approach.

Title: HR Executive

Job Responsibilities

Perform and ensure core HR activities and practices and assist in implementing HR policies and procedures.

Review, update and maintain personnel files and other HR documents and update databases in an efficient, timely, orderly, and confidential manner.

Coordinate with other stakeholders and assist CEO in day to day operations.

Prepare various types of Corporate HR Related Letters eg- Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Confirmation, Experience, Invitation, Extension, Promotion, Transfer, Enquiry Notice & Report, Dismissal Letter and so on.

Complete exit function formalities.

Maintaining current HR files and databases

Updating and maintaining employee benefits, employment status, and similar records

Performing file audits to ensure that all required employee documentation is collected and maintained

To arrange, conduct & process employees Recruitment & Selection as per Recruitment & Selection Policy & Procedure of organizations

Coordinate with the different departments in relation to HR activities.

Maintain Leave & attendance management

Prepare employee salary sheets.

Monitor adherence to internal policies and legal standards

Deal with legal issues, grievances and violations invoking disciplinary action when required.

Prepare and keep up-to-date appropriate organization chart and job description to support vision and mission of the company.

Arrange adequate sourcing and recruitment of qualified personnel.

Evaluate employees in routine and ad hoc basis to ensure right person on right place.

Any other task assigned by the management.

Job Requirements:

BBA/MBA in Human Resource Management

Skills Required: HR & Admin Operations, HRIS, HRIS/ HR Database Management

Minimum 2/3 experience in any reputed Local/Multinational organization.

 We offer:

A motivated, multidisciplinary, and culturally diverse team of professionals with staff in Dhaka and headquarters in USA

A nurturing and international environment for new ideas and innovations

Market-based salary

Apply Instruction:


Application deadline is 16 September, 2020

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